Classroom Spotlight: Anthony Thompson-Hagler

Anthony Thompson-Hagler | 2nd Grade Teacher | DC Quest Academy

This month we stopped byMr. Anthony Hagler’s2nd grade classroom atQuest Academyfor our Classroom Spotlight. When we popped in, students were learning more about character traits through the reading of African folktales.

“I enjoy seeing my students grow throughout the school year. My role as an educator is to encourage and push my students to excelacademically,socially, andemotionally. I enjoy witnessing my students demonstrate trial and error to empower a space for perseverance. I am totally fulfilled to see my young scholars display mastery of skills and progression in academics.”

I am a firm believer that all students have to ability and massive potential to learn. It brings me joy to see my scholars engaged, exploring, problem-solving, and working with their peers. It is captivating to witness the growth mindset of second graders as they get ready for third grade.”

Congratulations to the 2nd Grade Saint Augustine Classroom led by Mr. Hagler!

Posted on February 20, 2024 in Community