Fellowship in Special Education

The Fellowship in Special Education is a teacher development and licensure program serving schools and teachers across Washington, DC. In the Fellowship, participants will increase their capacity to implement and adapt supports to meet the needs of all students. Upon successful completion of all program requirements, Fellows become eligible to gain licensure in Special Education through DC’s Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE).

Ideal Candidates

The Fellowship is intended for instructional staff who wish to acquire and integrate new knowledge and skills and increase their effectiveness at supporting the needs of a wide range of students.

It is ideal professional development for:

  • Current educators and instructional leaders who are seeking to grow their understanding and expertise around special education and students with exceptionalities
  • New teachers who will be in a special education role
  • Current general education teachers who are transitioning to a special education role or are considering the transition in the future
  • Current special education teachers who do not yet have a special education certification
  • Current instructional aides, dedicated aides, and assistant teachers* who would like to pursue licensure to become a special educator (*bachelor’s degree required)

Fellowship Components

Components of the Fellowship include:

  • Attending virtual or in-person summer professional development sessions for three days in July 2024
  • Attending weekly virtual or in-person professional development August through June (Wednesday evenings from 5:15- 8:15 pm)
  • Completing coursework and readings in the form of asynchronousprofessional development between weekly sessions
  • Completing 5-6 rigorous project based assignments
  • Participating in coaching cycles with the Fellowship team

Application Process

Applications Close: Friday, May 10, 2024

Spots are limited; individuals are encouraged to apply early!

Application timeline graphic for SPED fellowship


Fellowship Tuition

The Fellowship in Special Education is open to participants from all over Washington, DC. Spots are filled on a first come first serve basis. Program tuition is $8,000. See below for discount opportunities.

Some Fellows have part or all of their tuition costs covered by their schools and others pay individually. We encourage you to reach out to your school leadership to see if sponsorship is an option. At this time, DC covers tuition costs for all accepted employees.Separate applications for DC staff and external applicants are located below.

Internal DC Applicants: As part of DC’s continued commitment to the professional development for its teachers and staff, DC covers tuition costs for all accepted employees.

External Applicants:The Fellowship in Special Education offers four tuition discounts that participants can take advantage of:

  • Early Bird Discount: Fellows or LEAs who pay their $1,000 deposit by May 31, 2024 will receive a $1,000 tuition discount. The deposit and discount is per participant.
  • Self-Pay Discount: Fellows who are not sponsored by a school or LEA can opt to pay their own tuition and will receive a $500 tuition discount if their tuition is paid in full by July 8, 2024.
  • Capital Teaching Residency Discount: Fellows who have successfully completed the Capital Teaching Residency and have completed or are on track to complete their three year teaching commitment qualify to receive a $7,500 tuition discount.
  • Group Discount: LEAs who elect to fund multiple Fellows (5 or more Fellows) qualify to receive a $500 tuition discount per Fellow.

Please contact us if you have questions about the Fellowship in Special Education.


  • Thank you for your interest.

    Applications are closed at this time.

  • Thank you for your interest.

    Applications are closed at this time.

Testimonial Photo

“Having gone through the Fellowship, I feel much more equipped to effectively reach and teach a multitude of students with a variety of needs. The Fellowship has afforded me the opportunity to reshape my pedagogy to best serve all students. I can earnestly say that my classroom will always be a space that fosters curiosity and creativity while simultaneously differentiating skills that promote strong and passionate learners”

Marcus Bailey, Middle School Social Studies Teacher, DC KEY Academy

Testimonial Photo

"The Fellowship provided me an opportunity to learn about implementing various strategies and methods to teach all learners, not just students with special needs. My experience with the Fellowship in Special Education will enable me to continue reaching my highest potential in my career."

Kamili Miller, Elementary Teacher, DC Promise Academy

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“In the Fellowship, instructors taught the latest evidence-based strategies through real-world projects and coaching. Fellows shared their diverse experiences and novel ways to approach challenges. The Fellowship deepened and broadened my understanding of special education and my appreciation for fellow special education teachers. I recommend it even for licensed special education teachers."

Michael Delgado, Middle School Special Education Teacher, Meridian Public Charter School

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"In my current role as a general education teacher, the Fellowship in Special Education has equipped me with the necessary skills to effectively differentiate instruction for students across a variety of academic levels. This has helped to maximize the full potential of all my students."

Brandy Lawrence Winchester, M.Ed., 4th Grade Teacher, Friendship Public Charter School

Testimonial Photo

"This program has been beneficial and essential in my career. All of the information is relevant. At times, I even apply newly learned techniques the very next day. I would recommend the program to people who have decided that they are interested in special education and want to sharpen their effectiveness as special education teachers."

Kendall Thomas, High School Special Educator, DC College Preparatory