Classroom Spotlight: Ms. Chanda Key-Curry

Ms. Key-Curry  |  Kindergarten Teacher  |  DC Arts & Technology

This month we stopped by Ms. Chanda Key-Curry’s kindergarten classroom at Arts & Technology Academy for our Classroom Spotlight. When we popped in, students were practicing sounding out and blending words as well as regular word recognition.

“I love helping my sters find the joy in learning. I enjoy having their energy throughout the day and growing their brain. The more their brain grows the more confidence they have and are willing to become risk takers. I love seeing the progress in each of my sters,” remarked Ms. Key-Curry.

Nothing makes me prouder than seeing my students succeed. Knowing that I have helped my students with the skills they will need for the present and future.I also enjoy building their self-Esteem in addition to developing relationships with both the student and parent. I also enjoy receiving feedback from the parents saying how the resources are helping they’re sters prepare for they’re educational journey.”



Posted on April 19, 2024 in Community