Five Steps to Being a Strong Capital Teaching Resident Applicant

DC’s Capital Teaching Residency is a highly selective and nationally recognized teaching program that produces a pipeline of highly effective leaders. Through this program, you will gain the skills necessary to impact the next generation of students! Below is a list, compiled by our current Residents, on how to be a strong applicant.

To be a strong candidate, consider the following five steps:

1) Share your passion.

  • We are seeking applicants that demonstrate a passion to impact students. Especially, applicants that understand why it is important to teach at schools in communities with limited access to quality educational opportunities.
  • On your application and resume share ways that you’ve impacted your community and why it’s important to you.

2) Share your contributions and leadership opportunities.

  • Make sure these stand out in your application and resume.
  • Identify accomplishments instead of providing a job description. We want to see your strengths!
  • Include experiences and activities that exemplify the growth you’ve made.

3) Highlight your academic success and growth.

  • If your GPA is lower than 3.0, do not be discouraged! You will have the opportunity to tell us more about the factors that may have contributed to your GPA. In fact, we want you to communicate your growth. Be prepared to share what strategies you implemented to achieve this growth.

4) Answer prompts thoughtfully.

  • Share why teaching and why DC (see tip #1)!
  • Identify which grade levels you want to teach and why.
  • Show the ability to think outside the box.
  • Proofread all answers and keep the length to around 2 paragraphs long.

5) The sooner, the better!

  • We do accept applications on a rolling basis, but early applications are strongly encouraged!
  • Applying early also shows your dedication and interest in the program.

Apply to join the Capital Teaching Residency for the 2019-20 school year!

Posted on January 30, 2019 in Community