DC Selected for a Good Neighbor Grant

We are proud to announce that DC is a recipient of a Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Good Neighbor Grant! The program was established in 2012 to identify and strengthen ties with youth-serving nonprofit organizations in D.C., northern Virginia, and Maryland that are helping students with significant financial need reach their full potential through education. DC is one of only seven organizations selected from a pool of 148 applicants for this grant, so we are tremendously honored and excited about the work ahead.

Through the grant, more sters will access a unique college readiness opportunity through our Dual Enrollment program with . Each year, more than 20 high-achieving students from DC College Preparatory will have the opportunity to take college-level English courses at Trinity during their senior year of high school. The classes are made up of only DC students and are taught by full-time Trinity professors. With transportation, textbooks, and the full cost of the class provided, students have access to advanced coursework and early exposure to the college campus environment at no cost.

Research has shown that students who enroll in college courses during high school are more likely to be successful in college and to complete their degrees on time. And, earning college credits in high school can lead to significant savings in college tuition. Now, with the support of the Good Neighbor Grants program, we will offer more students a unique college readiness opportunity while strengthening our partnership with our “good neighbor” Trinity Washington University.

Thank you to the  for supporting our efforts!

Posted on April 21, 2016 in Awards & Recognition