Meet the 2024-25 DC Principal-in-Residence Cohort

Introducing the 2024-25 Principal-in-Residence cohort! These remarkable leaders, with years of invaluable experience in teaching and student leadership, are gearing up for a transformative journey in the program. They’re poised to step into the role of school leader in the near future, ready to make a lasting impact.

Vincent Rawlings

Vince Rawlings HeadshotVincent Rawlings is a dedicated educational leader, from Washington D.C.,. Vincent’s journey in education began in Arkansas when he joined the 2016 Teach For America corps, marking the start of a transformative phase that led him to teach high school English.

During his time in Arkansas, he played a pivotal role in leading the first Freedom School in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, a program aimed at promoting summer literacy and instilling a robust educational ethos among the youth. His commitment to community enrichment further manifested through his direction of a STEM program sponsored by Verizon, an initiative that exposed over 100 Black boys to cutting-edge technologies.

Driven by a strong desire to give back to the community that had invested in him, Vincent returned to Washington D.C. in 2018 to join DC, where he taught World History, served as a Dean of Students, and ascended to the role of Vice Principal, a position he has held for nearly four years. In this capacity he has influenced various aspects of school management and student engagement positively.

Vincent’s enthusiasm for educational leadership is set to take a new direction as he prepares to step into the role of Principal in Residence (PIR). In this capacity, he aims to further his knowledge and expertise in creating an educational environment that is both nurturing and conducive to learning. His vision for the future includes a school atmosphere that prioritizes meeting students’ diverse needs, fostering a love for learning, and equipping students for a successful and fulfilling life.

Vincent Rawlings’s journey in education is marked by a continuous effort to enhance and transform the educational experiences of young learners, reflecting his deep commitment to his roots and his unwavering belief in the power of education.

Katy Oblinger

Katy Oblinger HeadshotٲOblinger, known by Ms. O, is a current Vice Principal at DC KEY Academy. Returning to the DC Benning Campus five years ago, Ms. O has consistently held high expectations for both students and staff, nurturing a culture where excellence and compassion go hand in hand.

Ms. O joined DC as a first-grade teacher at Promise Academy. She would later meet her students again at KEY as their middle school vice principal, seeing them through to promotion to high school. Having the privilege of guiding students from their early academic stages through to their middle school years, Ms. O witnessed the importance of each stage of student development and success.

Ms. O leads by investing in an exceptional team of educators, fostering strong connections with students, and maintaining meaningful relationships with their families. As she enters her 11th year at DC, she plans to keep the promise of high academic achievement and lifelong love of learning to her current and future students and families.Outside of school, she is a dedicated wife and mother who you can find at the library, the gym or the playground.

Chelsea Silva

Chelsea Silva PIRChelsea, Maryland native and Hampton University alumna, is a dedicated educator whose journey began with DC in 2016 as a Capital Teaching Resident (CTR). Through her commitment to fostering inclusive environments, she has served as a 4th-grade teacher and later assumed the role of Dean of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Promise Academy. Currently, she holds the position of Vice Principal at Promise Academy, where she advocates for student and family voices and ensures they remain central in supporting a growing educational community.

In addition to her leadership within Promise Academy, Chelsea serves on the DEI Advisory Committee, furthering her dedication to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion within educational settings. As a teacher, she founded the Cultural Competency Committee, striving to embed diverse and culturally progressive practices within DC classrooms and schools.

Chelsea’s passion for amplifying student voices is evident in her role as Vice Principal, where she works to ensure that students’ perspectives are valued, celebrated, and prioritized in all aspects of school life. Beyond her professional endeavors, Chelsea finds joy in her roles as a wife and mother of two boys. She embraces an active lifestyle through her love for working out and cherishes moments spent with friends and family outside of school. Chelsea is overjoyed to begin her new journey as a Principal in Residence!

Bria Petty

Bria joined DC in July 2018 as a Kindergarten Lead Teacher at Grow Academy, and is currently the Vice Principal at Grow Academy. As a native of Washington, DC, it was super important for her to teach little ones in her hometown and truly set the foundation for education for them. Bria has had a love for education since she was in kindergarten herself. She would be seen playing “school” with her baby dolls in her room and loved her kindergarten teacher so much! Before joining the DC family, Bria graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a degree in Early Childhood and Elementary education. Upon graduating, Bria committed to “being the educator she needed as a child”!Bria has consistently poured into students both as their Kindergarten teacher “Ms. Petty” and their Vice Principal “Mrs. Hayes”. She shows up for student events in and out of school, maintains relationships with families, and truly loves all students as if they’re her own.

Currently, Bria is entering her 7th year at Kipp DC. She is passionate about developing teachers and making students, staff, and families feel seen, loved, and supported. Bria knows that children learn best when they feel connected to their teacher, so she encourages staff to share their stories with students, and celebrate similarities and differences within the classroom. Outside of school, Bria is a wife, new mommy, and a lover of shopping, baking, and traveling! She also enjoys spending time with her family and close friends! Bria is excited to take on this new journey as a Principal in Residence!

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Posted on May 15, 2024 in Community