Parent Spotlight – December 2019

DC is proud to celebrate the contributions of our parents in the community with the DC Parents of Purpose spotlight. This month we’re spotlighting Ms. LaPrincess Allen, a longtime member of the DC family and parent of a ster at DC KEY Academy.

Currently, Ms. Allen is a member of DC KEY Academy’s Parent Organization (KPO). Parent Organizations across DC are vital parts of our school communities and see parents and teacher leaders working together to positively impact student outcomes. “We talk about ideas we have to improve the school culture, whether that’s volunteering, fundraising, or finding ways celebrating student success.”

She’s a constant source of new ideas and opportunities to connect the school community at KEY Academy. Recently, she’s pitched the idea for a “Boys to Men” club at KEY Academy which she envisions as a club for young men to receive advice on professionalism, support through adversity, and mentorship from positive male role models. She’s also working within the KPO to bring a breakfast celebration for students who achieved perfect attendance, a huge factor in student success.

“I think what I enjoy the most about being a member of the KPO at KEY is the outlet it provides to present my ideas. Sometimes parents can feel like they don’t get enough feedback or timely responses, but Mr. Sass (principal at KEY Academy) attends all of our meetings and is always there to help think through ideas or help with support in bringing them to life.

When Ms. Allen is not on campus, volunteering, or at her job with the United States Department of Labor, Ms. Allen enjoys traveling with her son, couponing, and shopping. As a constant presence helping positively impact the school culture at KEY Academy, she’s most deserving of this December’s Parent Spotlight!

Posted on December 18, 2019 in Community