Teacher Spotlight — August 2021

Meet Mrs. Rayshawn Graham | Lead Teacher | DC KEY Academy

Mrs. Rayshawn Graham is a fifth-grade lead teacher at DC KEY Academy and August’s Teacher Spotlight! Mrs. Graham joined DC KEY Academy in 2018 as a lead teacher!

Mrs. Graham is a DMV native and earned her undergraduate degree in psychology from North Carolina A&T State University. During her senior year, she began mentoring local primary school children, assisting with tasks from homework to figuring out life, and she liked it.

Mrs. Graham is committed to utilizing resources and efforts needed to cultivate and engage learners. From seeing KEY Academy built during her high school years to enrolling her son at DC LEAP Academy, she is a long-time member of the DC team and family.

Now going into her tenth year of teaching and fourth school year at KEY Academy, Mrs. Graham continues to look for new ways to add value to her students’ lives. She proudly states that her favorite moments in the classroom are “seeing the switch that gets flipped on in their brains when they understand the lesson.”

Mrs. Graham intentionally carves out personal space for students that need more time to understand lessons or need her to reteach material again. She emphasizes looking for methods of learning that make students associate learning with curiosity and fun. Leading by example, Mrs. Graham remains passionate about education, allowing her students to observe it and follow suit.

“I love teaching. I love sharing things. I love learning.”

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Posted on August 4, 2021 in Community