DC College Preparatory Fall Sports Schedule

Fall Sports season is here! Find out when and where you can cheer on your KCP Panthers!  Schedules for all fall sports are below. See you at the games!

Boys Varsity Football

Date                Game                                                  Time               Location

8/25                  DC vs. Capitol Christian          2:00 pm              DC

8/30                  DC vs. Roosevelt                      4:30 pm              DC

9/15                  DC vs. Chavez – Parkside         12:00 pm            DC

9/22                  DC @ Crossland                        12:00 pm           Crossland

9/29                  DC @ Richard Wright              TBD                  Richard Wright

10/4                  DC vs. Paul                                4:30 pm            DC

10/13                DC vs. National Collegiate      12:00 pm           DC

10/20                DC vs Kingsman                      TBD                   TBD

10/27                PCSAA Playoffs Round 1                  TBD                    TBD

KCP Golden Field

Boys Junior Varsity Football:

Date                                      Game                                                    Time                      Location

9/6                                         DC vs. Dunbar                                4:30pm                 DC

9/13                                       DC vs. Wilson                                 4:30pm                 DC

9/22                                       DC @ Crossland                             9:00am                Crossland

9/27                                       DC vs. Digital Harbor                    4:30pm                DC

10/10                                     DC vs. Potomac School                 4:30pm                  DC

10/18                                     DC vs. Friendship                           4:30pm                DC

10/22                                     @ Central Maryland Crusaders   TBD                      TBD


Girls Volleyball Schedule:

Date                                      Game                                                    Time                      Location

9/18                                       DC vs. Chavez                                 4:30pm                  DC

9/20                                       DC vs. SEED                                    4:30pm                  DC

9/25                                       DC vs. Friendship Tech Prep        4:30pm                  DC

9/27                                       DC @ Maya Angelou                      4:30pm                  Maya Angelou

10/2                                       DC vs. Capital City                         4:30pm                  DC

10/4                                       DC vs. IDEA                                    4:30pm                  DC

10/9                                       DC vs National Collegiate              4:30pm                  DC

Girls Soccer Schedule:

Date                                      Game                                                    Time                      Location

9/21                                       DC @ Paul                                       4:30pm                 Paul

9/24                                       DC vs. Crossland                           4:30pm                 DC

9/25                                       DC vs. E.L. Haynes                        4:30pm                 DC

9/28                                       DC @ DCI                                       4:30pm                 DCI

10/2                                       DC @ Friendship Tech Prep       4:30pm                 Friendship Tech

10/9                                       DC @ Washington Latin              4:30pm                 Washington Latin

10/11                                     TBD                                                             TBD                      TBD

10/16                                     PCSAA Playoffs                                         5:00pm                  TBD

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