DC Gamifies Professional Development for Writing Teachers

DC is always looking for innovative ways to offer best-in-class professional development to our teachers. Whether they are attending trainings and workshops in-house, through the national network, or with external organizations, we are always focused on the continued growth of our staff.

This year, DC launched an exciting new online professional development course focused on improving writing instruction through blended learning. With the support of several online platforms such as Canvas, Hapara, and Torsh, DC has been able to gamify this coursework, incentivize teachers, and provide them with access to self-paced, online learning modules and micro-credentials that promote a culture of constant growth and propel student achievement.

The online professional development courses are created by DC’s top teachers and are available in 12-unit learning modules. Teachers earn “badges” as they complete individual units and earn a micro-credential and $1,000 stipend upon completion of each course. Behind the scenes, our Instructional Technology and Innovation team is closely monitoring data for trends around mastery and engagement, and providing real-time adjustments and coaching as needed.

Our teachers love that they can access the coursework at their own pace and apply their learnings in real-time in their classrooms. In addition to supporting DC’s culture of constant growth, we have also partnered with other charter schools and networks, like Maya Angelou PCS, to share our learning modules and best practices beyond our network. We are excited to continue to grow this professional development offering!

Posted on January 28, 2016 in Community