Staff Spotlight: Miles Edwards

Miles Edwards | 6th Grade Teacher | DC Honor Academy

We are thrilled to feature Mr. Miles Edwards as DC’s November Staff Spotlight! Hailing from New Jersey, he graduated from Southeast Missouri State University, where he studied communications while on a football scholarship. While pursuing his dream in football, he realized the importance of exploring other career avenues. Upon graduating, fate led him to the field of education through substitute teaching, thanks to the guidance of his aunt. It was in this journey that he realized his true passion. Before joining the DC family, Mr. Edwards also dedicated his teaching expertise to New Jersey. We recently had the pleasure of connecting with Mr. Edwards to delve into his remarkable journey at DC.

What have you enjoyed most about working at DC?

“I enjoy the relationships I’ve built with my students the most. Witnessing the progress of these relationships has been incredibly rewarding, especially considering that last year was my first year at DC. Seeing the tangible outcomes of the dedication and effort I’ve invested in fostering these connections has been truly rewarding.”

How do you establish trust and a sense of belonging within your classroom?

“I try to be authentic with them, sharing glimpses of my personal life, like pictures of my family, which they see on my screen saver. It creates a sense of connection. I also find ways to relate the curriculum to real-life situations. By integrating personal anecdotes and drawing connections between the lessons and the world around us, I aim to create an environment where they see beyond the teacher-student dynamic. They realize that I genuinely care about their learning and that having fun is okay, yet when it’s time to focus, they also know how to buckle down and engage. It’s about fostering an atmosphere where they feel comfortable, supported, and motivated to learn.”

If you could pass on any words of wisdom to your students, what would you tell them?

“The book I’m currently reading is ‘Amal Unbound,’ and it really emphasizes the importance of education. Back in my school days, I wasn’t a straight-A student. However, as I’ve grown older, I’ve come to appreciate and truly understand the value of education, much like Amal in our book. It’s the pathway to countless opportunities; it liberates you. Understanding certain words or being able to communicate effectively opens numerous doors. My mom used to tell me that in most important decisions made about your life, you won’t even be present in the room. So, making a good impression matters, especially when meeting new people. A solid education grants you the confidence to walk into any room and make a lasting impression. This kind of impression sticks with people and can open doors for opportunities, whether it is a job or a promotion. Education truly holds the key.”

We are immensely proud to feature Mr. Miles Edwards as the November Staff Spotlight. His ongoing dedication and positive impact on our students’ educational journeys inspire us all, and we eagerly anticipate the continued enrichment he will bring to our school community.

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Posted on November 20, 2023 in Awards & Recognition